77 Diamonds co-founder on expanding into the European and US markets.

As part of Professional Jeweller’s February 2014 issue, we asked leading businesspersons, designers and retailers about their expectations of the year ahead. Tobias Kormind, co-founder of online diamond jewellery retailer 77 Diamonds, looks ahead to breaking new markets, collaborations and launching men’s collections.

Professional Jeweller: How do you expect your business to develop in 2014?
Tobias Kormind: We made huge investments in 2013, moving our showroom to Mayfair and boosting our workshop with superior craftsmen. We also invested in the latest technology, such as microscopes for our diamond setters. This year is about consolidating these investments, expanding our jewellery collection and creating a seamless experience across digital platforms. We also hope to reach the European, US and Far East markets.


PJ: Have you planned a marketing strategy for 77 Diamonds?
TK: Marketing is still a work in progress, but 2014 will involve greater social media engagement and more content collaborations from jewellery experts and designers. 77 Diamonds will continue to focus on our core brand values, offering a large selection of independently certificated diamonds to suite every taste and budget.

PJ: How will your bridal and diamond collections evolve?
TK: Our design team always look at seasonal trends and aim to incorporate elements of those trends into our jewellery. We have recently expanded our [ready to wear] offer, and now produce a range of bracelets that can be worn every day. Further, with the British men’s fashion market enjoying huge growth in recent years, we felt that it was an appropriate time to launch into men’s jewellery, launching 77 Diamonds first collection of cufflinks.

PJ: How will you win new custom?
TK: By continuing to invest and innovate in design, craftsmanship, customer service and technology. Our first major craftsmanship video has recently gone live, showcasing the expertise and skill behind our pieces and how our jewellery is made.

This Q&A was taken from the February 2014 issue of Professional Jeweller. To read the issue in full online, click here.