Business Big Shots are defined as the individuals and teams that are “shaping the UK jewellery industry”.

They command the respect of the entire business community for their leadership, innovation, vision and delivery of outstanding results.

This year’s Professional Jeweller Business Big Shots are:


Joanne Milner, Garrard

Peter Anderson, Pandora

Helen Haddow, Houlden

Craig Bolton, Goldsmiths

Helen David, Harrods

John Watson, PJ Watson

Henry Deakin & James Deakin, Deakin & Francis

Rob Passmore, JewelStreet

Natalia Rocchi, Signet

Ashley Pugh, W. Brufords

Diane Smith, NotOnTheHighStreet

Dominic Gommersall, Lumbers

Howard Levine, Chalfen

Emma Begent-Cove, Watch Shop

Menachem Prager, London Diamond Bourse

Emily Cox, QVC

Henry Curteis & George Curteis, Curteis

Oliver Sutton, Charles Green

Sarah Filippardos, Argos

Emily Barber, Bonhams

Stephen Whittaker, Fellows

Harriet Kelsall, Harriet Kelsall Bespoke Jewellery

Steve Bennett, Gemporia

Tobias Kormind & David Allen, 77 Diamonds

Mike Burns, Pursuit Software