21% have Christmas shopping wrapped up by November

But survey reveals that only 20% will spend more than last year.

Data released by Kanter Media has found that one in five people will complete their Christmas shopping this month, with the average person spending approximately £360 on gifts.

The intelligence report also revealed that only 20% of those surveyed planned to spend more than last year.

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Just under half of those surveyed – 49% – will do their Christmas shopping in November; 21% will complete their shopping in October. Only 1% of those interviewed said they would leave their shopping until Christmas Eve. Four percent will not buy any gifts this year.

Of those surveyed, 74% will research pre-Christmas shopping deals, using retail websites, tips from friends and families and information from leaflets and TV ads. Eight percent of those interviewed would use ads or information found on social networking sites to advise them on where to do their Christmas shopping.

Radio advertising was the least appealing resource for information, with only 4% of those surveyed taking note of deals and offers head through the radio.

John Thekanady, client services director at Kantar Media Compete UK said: “While a quarter of Christmas shoppers do not intend to research their purchases beforehand, more than half indicate that they will rely on retailer websites to guide their purchasing decisions.

“Retailers need to implement sound strategies to drive shoppers to their websites during the Christmas shopping window, which now starts in October, and ensure visitors have a positive experience once they arrive on the site.”





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