Dutch jewellery brand Nikki Lissoni has ended its distribution relationship with Darren McCormick Jewellery (DMJ) and will now handle sales and fulfilment for UK retailers directly from its Netherlands headquarters.

Micheline Graham, who managed Nikki Lissonni for DMJ until it stopped selling the brand, will take up a post as sales manager for Nikki Lissoni for the UK, including Northern Ireland.

Ronald Assmann, managing director, told Professional Jeweller that Nikki Lissoni officially took control of its UK distribution last week. The relationship with DMJ formally ended last month, although the distributor has not been selling the brand since January this year.


Mr Assmann would not elaborate on the reasons for the termination, but Darren McCormick told Professional Jeweller he remains a shareholder in Nikki Lissoni.

Nikki Lissoni currently has around 150 retailers in the UK, but Mr Assmann hopes to increase this to over 400. “We think 400 is possible. We are currently only in independents and want to grow the number of independents, but we are also willing to speak to the multiples,” he said.

Retailers will plug directly into Nikki Lissoni’s Netherlands operation, where they can browse collections and place orders online.

“This will allow retailers to order from the entire Nikki Lissoni range, which was not possible with DMJ,” Mr Assmann explained.

Delivery times for items that are in stock will be less than one week, he promised.

The 2015 Nikki Lissoni collection has been expanded to include a new range of bangles. The brand’s signature coins can be collected and attached like charms to the bangles and the company’s constantly evolving pendant collection.

Nikki Lissoni has had a considerable presence on DMJ exhibition stands in recent years, but this September the brand will exhibit on its own at IJL. “We have a large stand at IJL. The brand deserves its own booth,” Mr Assmann confirmed.

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