£30K jewellery collection binned


Husband makes expensive garbage gaff.

An Australian husband has left himself with a lot of explaining to do, after accidentally throwing away £30,000 worth of his wife’s jewellery.

Having had his house keys stolen, the man in question was apparently worried about a possible house break-in and, in a misguided attempt to outsmart thieves, had hidden his wife’s prized jewellery collection in a series of bin bags.

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Unfortunately, the man – known to the world’s bemused press only as Geoffrey – mixed up the bags with his household rubbish and the whole collection, which included charm bracelets, bangles, family heirlooms and even some pure gold bars, was taken off to the local rubbish dump in his home town of Caloundra, Queensland.

The hapless (and uninsured) Geoffrey has pleaded with the council to search the dump, but there appears to be little chance of his loot being recovered. “I had this great idea to split the gold into three rubbish bags, so if the thieves did come, they’re not going to find it. My wife rang me up when I was at work and said, “Where are the bags?”

“You know that sick feeling you get? Wow,” he said.


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