At least £3 million worth of jewellery set to be worn by Rita Ora at this year’s Cannes Film Festival was accidently left on a budget airline flight.

It is believe the courier who was transporting the pieces from London to Nice accidently left her coat and the suitcase carrying millions of pounds worth of jewels on the aircraft.

As reported by The Telegraph, police sources in France say the person tried to get back on the plane upon realising their mistake, but it was too late – the aircraft was already heading back to the UK.


Despite conflicting reports, it has been confirmed the courier was not Rita Ora’s assistant.

The airline, understood to be EasyJet, located the baggage and ensured it was kept safe until the flight landed back in England. They then transported the costly items to Heathrow airport where it was collected by police officers.

Reports say the jewellery belongs to a London-based firm.