A new survey has revealed that 40% of men in the UK propose without a real diamond engagement ring.

It used to be that a marriage proposal wasn’t complete without a sparkling exchange, but times are changing according to a new survey published by London-based luxury diamond jewellery company Rêve Diamonds & Fine Jewellery

The survey reveals that an astonishing 40% of men in the UK said that they proposed to their loved one using fake plastic rings purchased from a well-known online auction site, or alternatively used another method such as a letter to propose to their loved one.


In addition, 10% of couples surveyed by Rêve Diamonds said that the women had bought her engagement ring on her own with a budget agreed by her partner but without him present.

Managing director of Reve Diamonds & Fine Jewellery, Tal Cohen, comments: “Our survey revealed that whilst men are perhaps being more cautious when making a marriage proposal in not immediately investing in an engagement ring and using a substitute, after receiving the magic answer of ‘yes’, they then went on to spend an average of £3,000 on an engagement ring. In fact 50% of respondents told us that they had spent between £3,000 and £5,000 on a diamond engagement ring”.

The survey also showed that whilst the majority of respondents (40%) chose their engagement ring together, the age of romantic surprises is still very much alive as 30% of male buyers choose their loved ones engagement ring by themselves, whilst 20% of buyers will ask for the help of a friend or family member to assist with their choice and will surprise their loved one.

Other insights from the survey included that white diamonds are still the favourite choice of stone for an engagement ring, with 80% of those asked having purchased a piece with a white stone. 50% of respondents also opted for a traditional round brilliant, while 20% went for oval cut diamonds, 15% cushion cut and the remainder diving between princess, pear and emerald.

In terms of metal, 60% of buyers survey preferred platinum rings, while 20% said white gold, 10% said yellow, and 10% said rose gold.

Solitaire diamonds are still very much in vogue with 40% of those taking part in the survey choosing a plain solitaire diamond engagement ring. 30% opted for a diamond set ring and 20% a halo diamond ring.