66% of Brits do not feel comfortable buying jewellery online, a new survey has revealed.

With online shopping becoming increasingly widespread, it comes as no surprise that more and more people are relying on it over traditional shopping. In fact, data from Eurostat is showing that 82% of Brits are shopping online monthly. However, have Brits completely ditched traditional shopping? Or are there some items they would still rather buy in-store?

British Online Marketplace OnBuy.com sought to investigate the matter and see what products Brits would avoid buying in store and what they would never shop for online. To find out, Onbuy.com created a survey asking 1,426 Brits what products they would avoid buying in-store vs online.


The results came back in favour of bricks and mortar jewellers as over half of British shoppers say they would rather buy jewellery from a store than a website.

This spells good news for jewellers on the British high street.

The Full Results

Here’s the full list of what consumers would and would rather not buy online…

When it comes to the items Brits would never buy online, bras come first with 85% of respondents saying they would rather try them in-store rather than buying them on the web.

Makeup comes next, with 81% of people saying that they would be more comfortable purchasing beauty products from a physical shop.

On third place follows perfume, with 73% of brits being worried about buying them online, perhaps due to the fear of them not being original. Next on the list are the following:

Medicine (72%), Jewellery (66%), Electronics (62%), Fruits/Veg (59%), Shoes (58%), Coats/Jackets (47%) and Flowers/Plants (40%).

When it comes to the items people would not buy in store, there’s no surprise sex toys come first with 92% of people saying they would rather shop for these naughty purchases online.

Second on the list come tech accessories, such as headphones and phone chargers, with 81% of Brits preferring to get them online rather than in-store.

Beauty tools comes third place, with 80% of the Brits considering that it’s better to get these online. The other responses are:

Holidays (79%), Books (79%), Clothing basics (77%), Non-perishables (72%), Embarrassing meds (70%), Pet food (69%) and Kitchen appliances (67%).