Russian mining company Alrosa has mined a 76.07ct diamond from the Yubileynaya, Russia diamond fields.

Although diamonds this large are extremely rare, this is the forth diamond of this size to be found in the diamond field in the last two years.

The 76.07ct diamond is said to be worth $430,000 (£279,000). Alrosa currently plans to put the diamond up for auction at around this price.


According the Alrosa the diamond is octahedral in shape and transparent with yellowish hue. There are small inclusions of olivine in its periphery; its superficial part contains discal crack filled with graphite and sulphide.

Marlow’s Diamonds, a UK supplier of ethically sourced diamonds, takes interest in reports such as this. A spokesperson for the company commented on the find, stating: “Considering that a quarter of natural diamonds in the world come from Russia, it’s not surprising that Alrosa has found another huge diamond. It is, however, surprising that the Yubileynaya diamond field continues to be so profitable for the company.

“It’s good to see that their kimberlite pipes are still so fruitful, and we’re intrigued to see how this huge diamond will eventually be cut.”

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