77 Diamonds "fools" for glow in the dark diamond


Luminous stone acquired from unnamed supplier or just an April Fools?

Jeweller 77 Diamonds gave the industry a giggle this week, with the claim that it has sourced a glow in the dark, luminous diamond from an unnamed supplier.

The London-based online jewellery company said that scientists were baffled as to its origin – but it turns out the company has a sense of humour, announcing the "news" on April 1. 

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77 Diamonds claimed the 2.5 carat diamond glows when surrounded by darkness, with the company dubbing it the ‘Green Star’ because of its faint viridian hue.

The jewellery company said it was "the first time a diamond has been known to exhibit its own light source", leaving scientists yet to determine the root cause of the luminescence.

According to 77 Diamonds, Dr. M. Videnskabmand of the University of Copenhagen’s Department of Geophysics is analysing the stone, commenting: “An unusually high dose of subterrestrial radiation during formation, could, in theory, have produced this effect. Radiation is known to affect the colour of diamonds, but this would be the first recorded example of it imparting luminescence as well. It’s a frankly astonishing discovery."

Naturally green tinted diamonds are incredibly rare, second only to natural reds in terms of scarcity.

Co-Founder at 77 Diamonds, Tobias Kormind, explained: “The discovery of a diamond that glows from within is nothing less than historic, and we feel truly humbled that this quality was confirmed at our premises. In the weeks to come, we will be making some incredibly difficult decisions regarding the Green Star, including how – if it all – it should be priced. This is completely new territory for everybody involved."

Whether the stone will set or sold we’ll have to wait and see – perhaps until April 1 2015.

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  1. Perhaps you are not familiar with the Patented Night Glow Diamond?? This is an Ocular Cut
    Diamond that has been invented by Bill Disinger to glow at night. No April Fool….

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