Gem to be propelled into space to promote retailer’s online vision.

77 Diamonds has unveiled plans to launch a diamond worth £12,000 into space.

The diamond will be mounted on a steel frame and carried into the air by a helium balloon over a secret suburban location. Whoever finds it when it lands back on solid ground will get to keep it.


The diamond is expected to reach the edge of space at a height of around 32,000 kilometres and is estimated to be in the air for 150 minutes, travelling around 60 miles depending on wind-speed on the day.

The stunt has been designed to promote the jewellery retailer’s interactive universe, Diamonds in the Sky, which invites users to populate a virtual night sky with thousands of stars – each one unique and named after someone or something special.

77 Diamonds co-founder Tobias Kormind, says: “We are very excited about the launch. What better way to raise awareness of our virtual universe than by actually making it a reality and putting a diamond in the sky for the first time ever.

77 Diamonds has a long history of helping people to find the perfect diamond for an extra-special event in their lives. With Diamonds in the Sky, we wanted to explore the parallels between diamonds and stars in an imaginative and engaging way.”

Once it reaches the optimum height, the atmospheric pressure will cause the balloon to burst and the diamond will slowly descend back down to earth, ready to be found by one lucky winner.

Using modern technology, 77 Diamonds will track where the balloon is destined to land and will be tweeting clues via social media for the general public to join in the hunt and to be in with the chance of winning the exclusive diamond prize.

Initial plans to launch the diamond on Thursday 31 were called off following the advice of the UK Civil Aviation Authorities (CAA). It is now expected to take off from Monday 4.