Goodman Bros is a family-owned distribution business which specialises in jewellery services and solutions, supplying retailers all over Europe.

The business dates back to 1909, with extensive expertise in both retail and wholesale.

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The company offers the following advantages:

  • Goodman Bros supports partners on every level: staff training, national advertising, staff incentives and promotional events;
  • Generates extra revenue with added value sales to maximise every transaction;
  • Drives footfall to your stores by offering the best service – people buy from people first;
  • Educates and empowers your customers to care for jewellery and watches safely at home or on-the-go;
  • Offers the best customer experience through great service such as ear-piercing and jewellery cleaning to create lasting memories for your customers.

Its brands include Connoisseurs, Lox, Inverness, Polywatch and B Protect.

Tel: 01223 828718     WhatsApp: 07736 934581     Email:               B2B website COMING SOON at