Discover the influence of punk, hip hop, goth and rockabilly.

Adorn Insight held the first of two trend seminars on Sunday that it is hosting at IJL this week in its new capacity as official trends partner of the exhibition.

As well as an explanation of the trends forecasting process it also offered a vision of four current trends it feels is relevant to the jewellery market this season: Nostalgia, Cultural Fusion, Subculture and Water.


Adorn Insight‘s Maia Adams described the Nostalgia trend as being led by a hankering for designs of the past, be those iconic pieces of jewellery or designs from childhood.

She identified friendship bracelets, medallions and jewellery with messages as key designs within this trend. Adams also described a mini trend within this wider trend as Retro Glam, which she said could encompass elements such as baroque-style jewels, jewellery that is over the top in its presentation and bold designs such as curb link chain, cabochon gems and coloured gemstones.

Cultural Fusion, she said, was led by the fact that our world is shrinking with people taking more international travel and people being exposed to a wider variety of cultural influences.

This trend can be translated into jewellery though design elements such as crosses, embroidery styles, Oriental influences such as origami and dragons, as well as beadwork.

Subculture includes a wide range of styles from movements such as punk, grunge, hip hop, goth and rockabilly, all of which have been influencing designer collections on the catwalk.

Translating this into jewellery design Adams pointed to spikes, studs, nails, barbed wire, chains, snakes and black diamonds.

The final trend, Water, can be interpreted through colour and fluidity of design, said Adams. Design motifs such as bubbles, circles, waves, stones set at alternating heights can be used alone or mixed with watery colours such as blues or greens of various shades. Pearls are also important for this trend, she said.

While Adams said that it is important to identify the fashion and cultural trends that are shaping demand she said that it was important not to "freak out yourselves or your customers", that being on trend is more about being a step ahead of what customers will want, not trying to challenge them or push boundaries.

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