Akillis creates world’s most expensive belt

French jeweller creates diamond-encrusted Kalashnikov shell buckle.

Caroline Gaspard, chief executive of French jewellery brand Akillis, has created what is thought to be the world’s most expensive belt.

Gaspard has taken inspiration from spy and gangster films to create an alligator leather belt with a buckle made from empty Kalasnikov rifle bullets that have been encrusted with diamonds.

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Despite a retail price of €40,000 (£35,560) Akillis has already sold three of the belts.

Gaspard said: “People who buy into ultra-luxury are in it for the image and price is definitely not an object of contention for such people. My clientele pay for the uniqueness of my designs.”

Akillis has a flagship boutique in Paris with select distributors across the world. The brand recently announced plans to expand its distribution network throughout the Middle East and India through opening of boutiques, appointment of franchise partners and shop in shops.




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