Insurance jewellery company also launches stock remodelling service.

Albion Fine Jewellery, an Anglo-Indian company that makes replacement fine jewellery items for insurance claims, has now made a move into offering third party retailers a chance to remodel stock and increase sell-through.

The company has offered that its services could cut the cost of having bespoke jewellery made for customers “by 20% or more”.
It works in gold, platinum and diamonds and has created hand-made jewellery for UK insurers for the last three years.


Now the company is offering its goldsmith services to third parties in an initiative that will allow retail jewellers to benefit from the “substantial cost savings” and increased profit opportunities that jewellery production in India can offer.

Antony Hayes, business development director at Albion said: “By manufacturing in India, we can produce superb, handmade jewellery for the price retailers would normally expect to pay for cast pieces.

“The service is aimed at jewellers who want something that is a little bit different and who want to make more profit from the items they sell.”
Albion is offering to take old, outdated stock and turn it into jewellery that’s “more appealing and saleable”.

“All jewellers have to do is tell us what they want and we will make it for them by hand – it’s as simple as that. It’s a bit like having your own team of goldsmiths, workshops and designers, but without the overheads,” added Hayes.

Albion uses polishers, goldsmiths and diamond mounters based in India, making “almost everything” by hand, from choosing the raw materials to the final polish.

As part of its jewellery manufacturing service, Albion also offers an in-house CAD and Matrix design team to jewellers, as well as fine casting using the lost wax method.