British jewellery designer Alex Monroe has launched a jewellery school, which has been in the works for a while as a top secret project.

This month, the brand has launched the ‘Alex Monroe Jewellery School’, which will welcome consumers to its Bermondsey workshop for a series of jewellery-making experiences.

Alex Monroe has always invited customers to discover how pieces are made, notably through the use of social media, and now people can actually be involved in the process.


The brand states: “Since the beginning, every Alex Monroe piece has been individually handcrafted in our London Workshops, and we have always looked at ways to share our unique making experience with our customers.  With the completion of our award winning studio in 2016 – the perfect space for working and teaching, Alex’s dream of jewellery school was born.”

Classes at the Alex Monroe Jewellery School will be led by the founder of the namesake brand, and an expert team of craftspeople.

Monroe shares: “I love the process of making jewellery. I always have. I love the tools, the workshop, the highs and lows… and when you really love something it’s a pleasure to share it with others. Jewellery School is really just a way of sharing the fun! And when you teach other people you always get back so much more than you give. It’s a real privilege and I can’t wait to get started.”

Each ‘Jewellery School’ will be structured around a different theme, and in celebration of the 10th birthday of the brand’s beloved Bumblebee necklace, the first workshop will invite ten people can book in to create their very own fuzzy friend necklace.

Other themes will be announced throughout the year.