British jewellery designer Alex Monroe has shared details of his partnership with BBC Studios in creating the ear cuff worn by Doctor Who actress Jodie Whittaker.

The ear piece was designed as a collaborative piece between the pair, with the jewellery handmade in Monroe’s London Bridge workshop.

The earring tells the story of the Doctor’s journey from space (the stars) to Earth (the shaking hands, silver for the Doctor and gold for Earth).


Monroe commented: “I love Doctor Who and watched it religiously when I was a kid – and now my kids absolutely love it too. I have three girls, each one brought up with a different Doctor. To create this meaningful piece featuring the first female Doctor is incredibly exciting and a dream come true.”

It is not the first time that Monroe has been connected with the iconic BBC series.

Last year Jodie Whittaker wore his Plume Loop earrings and Plume Flare necklace during her debut TV appearance discussing the role.

Both of those pieces proceeded to sell out from the website as a result of the exposure, and have continued to be bestsellers within the range ever since.