Opening Party for Alexis Dove new store in Lewes High Street Alexis Dove Jewellery, 19 High Street, Lewes, BN7 2LN

British award winning jewellery designer Alexis Dove launched her newly located store on Lewes high street.

Having moved from a quaint boutique and studio in The Needlemakers, the new location opened its doors to VIP guests, press and longstanding customers on Nov 29th for a festive night of fun and celebration.

Championing her passion for all things eco after a trip to two Fairtrade accredited gold mines in Peru earlier this year, Dove teamed up with an ethical property company for her store, with the aim of bringing Fairtrade bridal collections to a wider market.


The store will work as a platform for championing the Fairtrade story, with Fairtrade gold collections heroed in the merchandising.

The shop design, messaging, story and branding will all work together to draw in customers to the new Fairtrade gold offering, allowing a little sneak peek into the world of ethical jewellery.

Having addressed the crowd of jewellery enthusiasts about the move and the last ten years, Alexis Dove had this to say: “We have had a fabulous evening with many of our oldest customers attending. We also saw a host of local Lewes residents who have followed our journey onto Lewes High Street and wanted to celebrate with us. It was wonderful to have such positive support from the local community.

“I want to thank my staff, the people who have shopped with me over the last ten years and everyone who has supported us. Thank you again as well to Olly Smith for providing wine for this evening and being a great friend and customer. Here is to the next ten years!”

The store, which was designed by Alexis Dove in collaboration with Crispin Williams from Engaging Interiors, drew inspiration from antique stores, museums and some of Alexis’ favourite places in London.

The finalised idea sees a vintage colonial vibe with dark wood, deep green and brass, contrasted with bright whites and softened by foliage.

About the design, Alexis commented: “In my Needlemakers shop I concentrated on a Curiosity shop theme with vintage taxidermy and chocolate cabinets. I wanted to progress this style using more opulent pieces, including brass chandeliers and fittings and using deeper colours to enhance the different design elements. The shop has a fabulous double fronted Georgian Window, so we commissioned our shop sign to reflect the age of the building. The Brilliant Sign Co created a glass sign which is in keeping with the style of the building with gold leaf and mother of pearl inlay.”

The store opens in time for Christmas to make the most of the buzzing festive season. With everything from mini-but-mighty dinosaur pendants to bespoke bridal pieces and the newest Rosa collection – featuring rose cut diamonds in a uniquely floral setting – it is a treasure trove for discovering bespoke British jewellery.