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Here at Professional Jeweller, we’ve long been providing a platform for the widespread awareness of Fairtrade practices in the industry.

As consumer consciousness continues to grow, the industry is responding by paying close attention to the traceability of materials used. To mark this year’s Fairtrade Fortnight (February 29th – March 13th), jewellery designer Alexis Dove has become a licensee of Fairtrade gold, launching her fine jewellery collections in this fully-traceable precious metal.


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What made you apply for a Fairtrade licence?

Alexis Dove: We feel very strongly about the traceability of our work, and this has led us to look at the materials we use. Jewellery is an emotional and sentimental purchase, and customers are interested more than ever in the story of the jewellery they buy; who made it, and where the metal and stones are mined. We as a brand and retailer want to know the full answers to their questions. Most importantly, we love making jewellery and want our collections to be ethical and traceable.


How will you further support the Fairtrade community in 2016?

 AD: I am planning to visit two of the Fairtrade gold mines in Peru this year, so I can fully understand where the gold is mined and see the difference it makes to the communities who produce the metal. With this first-hand experience I will be able to provide my staff with better training and my customers with the full story of Fairtrade gold.


Why do you think it’s important for other jewellery designers and brands to get involved in Fairtrade gold?

Customers want to be reassured that the things they buy are produced in a sustainable and ethical way, and they are beginning to demand traceability. I believe it is an exciting time to introduce Fairtrade precious metals to my collections; the growth of Fairtrade is already changing the way people shop, and in turn, gives the global communities much better lives. I think the jewellery trade is in a great position to offer their customers more ethical products, and we can all benefit from being able to tell them the full story of how their jewellery was made. I believe Fairtrade gold is a tremendously positive thing for the industry and I am excited to be part of it.


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