British award-winning jewellery designer Alexis Dove has teamed up with a number of social media influencing dogs to create a range of bespoke puppy pendants.

Eleven instagrammable pups, all of which are featured within digital consultant Rosalind Shimmen’s digital look book of socially savvy pets, were chosen to front a campaign targeted at consumers with four-legged friends.

Homer Pugalicious (158,000 followers), Bruno the Mini Dachshund (91,700 followers), Millie the Dachshund (31,600 followers), Noodle the Dachshund (27,800 followers), Luna (23,200 followers), Suki (22,900 followers), Dexter the Dachshund (11,100 followers) and George the Sausage Dog (9,997 followers) were all bestowed with pieces from the Alexis Dove’s popular Menagerie collection, based on their breed, whilst Coco the Frenchie (14,300 followers) and Elle the Frenchie (10,200 followers) saw the designer create and add new pieces to the collection to represent the breed.


Finally Tuna – who has a striking 1.8 million followers on Instagram – had the first and most exclusive Alexis Dove chiweenie pendant designed in his likeness.

Images of each influencing dog in a bespoke Alexis Dove pendant are slowly being rolled out on Instragram with the hashtag #AlexisDoveLovesDogs.

Although the campaign has only just began, Alexis Dove has already seen a significant increase in engagement on Instagram.

Facets PR director of fashion brands, Becky Güth, explains: “Social media influencers are now celebrities in their own right and so we wanted to work with Alexis Dove to increase her digital presence with her next campaign.

“As an animal lover and having had so much success from her covetable Menagerie collection, we approached Alexis with the idea of teaming up with some of the world’s most recognisable dogs. The results so far, even right at the beginning of the campaign, have been amazing. We are excited to see how the posts from each dog turns out and the impact this makes on one of Alexis Dove’s most iconic collections.”

“As a dog owner myself – and one who is completely in love with my own little dog – I wanted to design something that allowed other owners to carry their pets around forever; on a pendant,” adds founder and designer, Alexis Dove. “I am always following these puppies on Instagram, so it is great to see them sporting little versions of themselves that I created.”

The Pug, Frenchie and Sausage Dog pendants are all available online. Available in polished silver, yellow vermeil and rose vermeil, pendants range from £95 to £130, with some designs coming in cufflinks, bangles, bracelets and earring options too.