Award winning British jeweller Alexis Dove is set to open an ethical shop in November 2016. 

In a bid to become more ‘Fairtrade friendly’ Alexis Dove has teamed up with an ethical property company to open a brand new ethical shop in Lewes, the same town as her current jewellery retailer.

With the aim of bringing Fairtrade bridal collections to a wider market, the store will work as a platform for championing the Fairtrade story, with Fairtrade gold collections heroed in the merchandising.


The shop design, messaging, story and branding will all work together to draw in customers to the new Fairtrade gold offering, allowing a little sneak peek into the world of ethical jewellery.

In addition, the designer is planning to launch an exclusive Fairtrade gold collection next year, and is working to have all Alexis Dove precious pieces made from Fairtrade gold in the coming months, with prices starting at an accessible £600 for engagement rings and even lower for wedding bands depending on the weight and carat.

Visiting two Fairtrade accredited mines in Peru, Alexis Dove was able to see first-hand the difference Fairtrade mining makes to the miners. She commnets: “Having come face to face with the true reality of what it means to source Fairtrade gold and having seen the stark contrast between Fairtrade gold and unoffical small scale mining, I feel passionately about the need to change the way we buy our gold.”

Going forward, Alexis Dove will only be making her commissions with Fairtrade gold.

“For Alexis Dove Jewellery this is merely the beginning,” concludes Dove.