The Revv mens collection by Alfred Terry will be on display at The Jewellery Show in February.

Collection made from alternative metals to launch in February.

By Kathryn Lewis

London-based jewellery manufacturer Alfred Terry has announced plans for its first men’s line.


The company has offered a wide range of women’s jewellery in the UK since its launch but has never entered the men’s marke, until now.

Rings, bracelets, cufflinks, necklaces, and money clips made from alternative metals are among the wares Alfred Terry will offer male customers within the Revv collection. It plans to use metals like titanium, tungsten Dt45, cobalt, ceramic and stainless steel in the new line.

A spokesperson said: “New advances in alternative metals and state-of-the-art technologies have brought to the jewellery sector metals which are more commonly associated with industrial uses. Tungsten, for example, is used in golf clubs and high-speed tools, whereas titanium and ceramic are both used in space shuttles and automotive components.

"The choice of these metals for Revv not only offers affordability but also strength, durable polish and hypo-allergenic properties. The pieces are visually enthralling, with the addition of diamond accents, 14ct yellow and rose gold, sterling silver, carbon microfibre and steel elements. The innovative craftsmanship and creative design give the wearer a look of energetic sophistication.”

The new Revv lines will be on display at Alfred Terry’s stand at The Jewellery Show in Birmingham in February.