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All-female jewellery brand Edge of Ember has made the decision to use exclusively lab-grown diamonds for its very first diamond jewellery collection.

The central London-based company, which was founded in 2014, has announced plans to launch the Conscious Diamonds collection on 8 September.

In a statement, Edge of Ember revealed that it chose to forego traditional mined diamonds as an ethical decision.


Lab-grown diamonds, it said, are “visually, atomically, and chemically identical to a mined diamond” but without the environmental and ethical issues.

“They don’t harm workers or children, they don’t displace communities and they don’t cost the earth,” said Edge of Ember of its lab-grown gemstones.

Additionally, 100% of the gold used in the company’s new Conscious Diamonds range is recycled.

The company also offers £15 of credit to customers who recycle with its RE/Make Jewellery Recycling programme.

See some of the Conscious Diamonds jewellery line below: