Online-jewellery retailer Jewlr has reported a rise in sales of unconventional styles as non-diamond rings become its top sellers for 2017 proposals.

The movement, which Jewlr attributes to celebrity influence, has seen a 25% year-on-year increase in sales of birthstone rings such as sapphires and emeralds being used as engagement rings.

Jewlr revealed its best-selling engagement ring is the ‘organic leaf’ ring (pictured) an unconventional style, featuring a thick leaf like band. It’s available in a selection of precious metals and incorporates three stones, giving customers the opportunity to integrate both birthstones into the design.


Celebrities including Fearne Cotton, Lady Gaga and Halle Berry are part of increasing list of stars who are opting for more unusual styles and alternative stones.

The style has risen by 125% in the last six months, becoming a solid favourite for engagements over the traditional solitaire style.

Jewlr chief executive officer, Tony Davis, comments: Wwe offer a huge range of engagement and bridal styles, so it is unusual that we have a style not initially designed for these purposes becoming the top seller, it’s interesting to see such a shift in attitudes to ring styles and happily, thanks to our production methods, we can offer customers sentimental rings that any fit budget.”

As well as the celebrity influence, the online retailers says the trend is thought to be due to the increasing price of diamonds. The price of diamonds has risen between 15% and 20% since the Brexit vote, due to the pound becoming weaker to the dollar, in which they are priced.

A Kantar Retail analyst Anusha Couttigane, recently said: “A generation of marital age people are now prioritising other things such as wedding, housing and the cost of having children, rather than splashing out on a really expensive ring.”

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