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Sales spike allows jewellery designer to overhaul web presence.

By Kathryn Lewis

Hertfordshire jewellery designer Alyssa Smith has launched a new website.


The site, which cost the company roughly £5,500, was made possible by a spike in sales over the past year. “The brand out grew the old website quite quickly and now I’ve been able to have a new one done,” Smith said.

Smith does most of her business online though she does sell in a few choice retail outlets such as Gatwards of Hitchin and the Cheshire Watch company in Manchester. “I mostly sell online because I find that the returns are so much better," said Smith. "I don’t stock in lots and lots of shops. Unless you’re in loads of them it’s just not worth it.”

The 26-year-old entrepreneur has done well with her online business since 2010 when the brand launched. Smith says celebrity endorsements have generated interest in the brand.

The new website has more products available than ever before and according to Smith it is much more interactive– fans of the company can now post pictures of themselves in the ‘groupies’ gallery – a feature that Smith says is particularly popular with customers accustomed to tweeting pictures of themselves in her designs. “They’re telling their friends that they’re on the website, and it’s driving more traffic to the site,” Smith said. The company will expand into accessories next year.