Both Amazon and Cartier are involved in two joint lawsuits which allege that a social media influencer and eight different businesses have been selling counterfeit jewellery.

A press statement revealed that Cartier and Amazon are alleging the defendants are guilty of “advertising, promoting, and facilitating the sale of counterfeit luxury goods through Instagram and other websites, infringing on Cartier’s registered trademarks and violating Amazon’s policies”.

It goes on: “The lawsuits were filed in the United States District Court for the Western District of Washington and allege the defendants colluded with each other to sell counterfeit products and engage in false advertising.”


It is claimed that the influencer purposely avoided listing the products as Cartier products on Amazon to avoid alerting Amazon’s anti-counterfeit team, instead advertising them on Instagram and other websites.

Buyers were told that if they purchased one of these items through Amazon they would receive a Cartier knock-off.

One of the products was allegedly made in a bid to copy Cartier’s iconic Love bracelet, which was first introduced in 1969.

“By using social media to promote counterfeit products, bad actors undermine trust and mislead customers,” said Kebharu Smith, associate general counsel and director of the Amazon Counterfeit Crimes Unit (CCU).

“Amazon will keep investing and innovating to stay ahead of counterfeiters, and working with brands and law enforcement to hold bad actors accountable. We don’t just want to chase them away from Amazon — we want to stop them for good.”

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