Amazon introduces tiered referral fee for jewellery selling partners

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Amazon has introduced a tiered referral fee for watch and jewellery selling partners.

It is expected to significantly reduce the cost of selling jewellery and watches priced over £200.

The move means for jewellery, the referral fee will change from 25% in UK and 20% in Germany, France, Italy and Spain, to 20% on the portion of the price up to the same amount and 5% above.

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The watches referral fee will change from a flat 15% in UK, Germany, France, Italy and Spain, to 15% on the portion of the price up to £225 and 5% above.

It equates to a 61% reduction in selling partner referral fees for a £700 jewellery item sold in the UK.

Amazon says it expects the change to benefit customers by enabling selling partners to list a wider range of competitively priced items.

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  1. How about that? In light of independent jewellers largely ignoring Amazon’s latest attempts to undersell Etsy, Amazon decides to be generous by… wait for it… offering terms and conditions marginally better than their original unreasonable terms!

    Working with Amazon Handmade is still choosing to digitally sharecrop with a platform which has become notorious for bullying suppliers into lowering prices and creating fake brands to compete with its own suppliers. The only people who can make money on this platform (besides Amazon themselves of course) are companies blessed with giant manufacturing capacity through far east sweatshops.

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