Jewellery brand Amore Argento has announced a new affiliate brand partnership system for its Love Silver collection, offering retailers a slice of commission for housing a link to the brand’s offer on their websites.

The system, which comes at no extra cost or effort to retailers, involves adding a link to on a host-retailer website.

Amore sales director Paul Bellingham, explains: “As an Amore retail partner you simply use an html link that we create for you and ask your web developer to embed into your own website. This will create a logo on your site and direct your customers to, where they can view and buy the entire Amore Argento – Love Silver collection online.


“We take the order and despatch the goods on the retailer’s behalf, after which the retailer receives an email saying their customer has successfully purchased an item, or items. At the end of each month the retailer receives a commission report showing the profit element of the sale, less a small fee to Amore for doing the work.”

After Amore has deducted the VAT, the stockist is advised of the profit element calculated from the retailer’s usual wholesale price. A nominal fee per transaction is charged for despatching the goods. Amore also offers discount codes for the end customer which will help stockists with promotions and enable them to offer selected discounts for online purchasers.

Bellingham adds: “Retailers can sit back and watch their online sales grow. All Amore needs is traffic to our website. Our Affiliate System allows stockists to concentrate on what they do best in their business and while we take care of the rest.”

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