Fanny Raponi, a gemmologist, at AnchorCert Gem Lab, received the Doug Morgan trophy at a recent Gem-A Midlands branch meeting.

The Doug Morgan trophy is awarded each year by the Midland branch of Gem-A, to acknowledge the finest exam result within the greater Midlands area.

The originator, Doug Morgan, was a great gemmologist, former gemmology tutor, lapidary, microscopist, a revered member of the British Microscopical Society, the Russell Society, the UK Facet Cutters’ Guild, the British Micromount Society as well as a Fellow of Gem-A.


Raponi says of her accolade: “I am delighted to have been awarded the Doug Morgan Gemmological Trophy for achieving the highest exam result in the Midlands Region.”

Carla Goodfellow, operations director of the AnchorCert Group, adds: “AnchorCert Gem Lab provides the very best service for diamond, gemstone and pearl identification, and to do this we have a team of expert, passionate gemmologists. We’re extremely proud that one of our team, Fanny, has been awarded for exceptional performance in the Midland Region.”

Raponi is part of a team of expert, highly qualified Gemmologists at AnchorCert Gem Lab who produce independent expert reports.