Company reacts to news of undisclosed synthetics on the market.

The Birmingham Assay Office’s gem testing arm AnchorCert has announced that it is fully prepared to test for synthetic diamonds after the International Gemological Institute (IGI) revealed a number of undisclosed synthetic diamonds had been discovered on the market.

AnchorCert says its synthetic diamond testing has been “preparing for this eventuality for the past ten years”, and says that advances in technology, the rising price of high quality natural diamonds and the profits to be made from the supply of synthetics have “made such developments inevitable for some time”.


AnchorCert’s chief executive Michael Allchin said of the IGI’s news; “The arrival of synthetics in large volumes was absolutely predictable and AnchorCert are totally prepared.

Our huge financial investment in equipment such as the Raman spectrophotometer, UV- Vis and FTIR , and the continued investment in training and developing our expert gemmologists means we are fully equipped to identify such stones. UKAS Accreditation of all our tests adds independent confirmation of AnchorCert’s competence and consistency.”

The gems discovered by IGI were created by Chemical Vapour Deposition (CVD).

Synthetic gemstones are a legitimate and acceptable alternative to natural diamonds as long as they are properly disclosed and priced accordingly.

AnchorCert claims to be the only facility in the UK that has the expertise and equipment to identify increasingly sophisticated enhancement treatments and synthetic gemstones.

It is the first gemmological laboratory to receive accreditation to ISO 17025 from UKAS in the UK.