AnchorCert welcomes clampdown on investment diamond fraudsters


Following news that the Coloured Diamond Exchange has been ordered into liquidation, AnchorCert Gem Lab “applauds this latest action” on its Assay Office Birmingham website.

AnchorCert confirms it has fielded a string of enquiries and carried out a number of gemstone assessments during the past few years for people who have fallen victim of these fraudsters.

Some stones were found to be genuine but were offered at massively inflated prices, whilst others were found not to be what they purported, as well as being largely over-priced.

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In the case of the liquidated company, the Coloured Diamond Exchange, which was reported by Professional Jeweller last week, the stones were genuine but sold at exaggerated prices. “Hopefully this will be a warning to other players in this disreputable market,” says AnchorCert, on its website.

“Typically these companies prey on older, vulnerable people, using pressurized cold calling to persuade them that investing their savings in ‘investment’ diamonds or gemstones is a safe way of protecting and growing their savings.”

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