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Andre Michael to launch platinum one-carat solitaire rings for Christmas


Andre Michael has announced plans for a new festive offering with a range of platinum one-carat solitaire rings set to be launched for Christmas.

The Hatton Garden-based diamond jewellery supplier is to launch the Andre Michael four-claw range, in a variety of platinum mounts.

The range features certified colourless and near colourless diamonds in the E, F and G range, as well as SI (Slightly Included.)

Andre Michael said: “These are attractive, classical bright sparkly solitaire rings that are extremely well made, offered at highly competitive price points.

“Retailers are invited to phone our office so that we can arrange an appointment for a viewing of the new range of rings.”

Andre Michael jewellery is manufactured using state-of-the-art technology, which facilitates low costs and benefits from the support of highly efficient German systems.


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