Designer gets creative with playful Bond-themed video.

The eponymous founder of jewellery brand Andrew Geoghegan has launched a Facebook competition using a tongue-in-cheek James Bond-themed video in which he presents an interactive competition aimed at consumers.

The competition will utilise social media to allow consumers to help Geoghegan design a ring step-by-step, from the style of the ring, through to the metal and gemstones. After the ring is completed anyone who took part in helping Geoghegan choose the design will be part of a prize draw to win an iPad 3.


At present the competition is in its first stage, having launched today. It allows Facebook fans of Geoghegan to choose between a diamond ring or a cocktail ring as the base design. Upon selection, Facebook users are encouraged to leave comments about their choice, which are then automatically shared with their friends, pushing to competition to a much wider audience.

Geoghegan will introduce new choices at each step of the ring’s design, including the metal type and the colour and cut of gemstones used. This will take place over the coming weeks.

At the opening of the video Geoghegan sits in a 60s-style chair, turning around to face the camera with his dog Wilbur in his arms in the style of Blofeld, the infamous Bond villain, who was regularly depicted stroking his cat. The theme music from James Bond also plays.

Geoghegan told Professional Jeweller: "I think I may be in line for an Oscar!"

As part of a celebration of all things Great Britain, Geoghegan has also created a special Diamond Jubilee ring, which he is currently marketing to retailers in the UK. The diamond ring is set with .60ct of diamonds to represent the 60 years that the Queen has been on the throne.