Design features Asscher cut stone and references the Art Deco era.

Andrew Geoghegan has unveiled his Facebook ring, after a 12-week long online campaign in which a design was made with the help of his Facebook fans.

The ring was unveiled at the opening day of IJL yesterday, and is a white metal design set with an Asscher cut centre stone.


Geoghegan said: “It’s the first ring ever to be designed in conjunction with a group of Facebook fans.

“For 12 weeks in 2012, AG conducted an experiment to design the world’s first Facebook ring. Fans of our Facebook page were able to participate in all the design decisions – over 2,500 individuals contributed to this unique piece of jewellery.”

The final design features a tension-style setting with the diamond appearing to float above the shank. The ring is said to be “perfectly suited as an engagement ring” and features a flat edges shank, meaning a wedding or eternity ring could sit alongside with ease.

At the centre is an Asscher cut diamond, while tiny pave diamonds are set on the top part of the ring shank, along the edges and along the flat top part of the setting.

“This ring could have been a cocktail ring, or have had a brilliant round or square cut like many of its cousins,” said Geoghegan, in reference to the many possible routes the design could have taken at each stage.

“This ring goes to show that the choice of the people is not necessarily about brilliance and dazzle, but more about understated elegance.”

The design is available to view at Andrew Geoghegan’s stand, A75.