Fine jewellery designer Andrew Geoghegan has announced the launch of a new summer collection, the Cannelé Cabochon.

The new range consists of tactile and colourful rings inspired by Geoghegan’s bestselling Cannelé bridal rings – echoing the intricate fluting on the rear of the rings.

Cannelé Cabochon offers paraiba tourmaline, green tourmaline, sapphire, ruby, tsavorite garnet, amethyst, mandarin garnet, tanzanite and rubellite each with a diamond surround.


Available in a range of different sizes in both round and oval shapes, the Cabochon rings give customers the opportunity to express their individuality through colour and create a luxury statement through stacking.www.andrewgeoghegan.com_Cannelé Cabochon collection

Geoghegan says of his new collection: “The name Cabochon comes from the French word ‘caboche’, meaning ‘head’. Each of the gemstones have been shaped and polished to perfection, giving each ring a lustrous look and feel.

This, teamed with intricate fluting on the rear which has been meticulously shaped and polished under microscope results in a collection which has 360 degree beauty and delights both visually and to the touch. I believe it’s the perfect collection for summer, especially as the trend for gem set rings sees no signs of slowing.”