During these unprecedented times of uncertainty, amidst concern for loved ones, many are searching for sources of hope and comfort, and for ways to demonstrate love and support for family and friends. 

As people are unable to demonstrate their feelings with visits and physical affection and getting together for birthdays and other special occasions, they’ve needed to find other ways to connect and celebrate.

For many, technology has played a vital role in keeping in touch with loved ones over the likes of Facetime and Zoom, while online shopping has also been a life saver for many, enabling people to send a gift to the special people in their lives and/or to someone celebrating a special occasion.


Notonthehighstreet revealed a couple of weeks ago that it has seen a lift in the thoughtful shopper, with more and more people wanting to show kindness by sending a thoughtful gift.

And what better way to show someone you’re thinking of them on their special day than to give them a gift which will be treasured for years to come? A piece of jewellery that is designed to give people hope and comfort and to protect them at all times.

Angel Whisperer is a jewellery brand, which has special meanings at the heart of the business. Whether the occasion is joyful or sad, Angel Whisperer offers customers hope, protection and love.

Some of these collections, highlighted below, are particularly pertinent during these uncertain times.

The Angel Whisperer – Your Protective Companion for Life

The collection that is particularly relevant today is undoubtably the Angel Whisperer which is a lucky charm and a source of strength, trust and love.

“It preserves all your positive experiences, gathers your hope, love and happiness and locks them tightly together, keeping them close.”

This can be customised to suit the occasion and taste of customers. Available in various Rhodium plated colours, different sizes and a selection of coloured chime balls.

Each colour has its own meaning and each bell has its own fine sound which “should call our guardian angel to our side, so that they can protect us from all dangers”.

Adding an Angel Wing combines guarding and love. “Its feathers wrap you up in unlimited security”.

The Angel Wings have matching bracelets & earrings and available in either gold, silver or rose gold.

The Guardian Angel – Your personal Guardian Angel lends you support and gives you strength

During these uncertain times customers are looking for inspiration to keep themselves or loved ones protected, and the Guardian Angel collection offers this very sentiment.

“Just like mothers who protectively held your hand during your first steps, best friends who dried your tears, sisters who are always ready to listen and partners who’ve got your back, your personal Guardian Angel is your wonderful protector”. It gives you the feeling of infinite security.

The UK distributor for Angel Whisperer in the UK and Ireland, Guardian Brands, says: “We know that the current situation will improve over the next few months and believe that the brand will continue to have relevance, more so than ever as people navigate the changes and adjustments that will be inevitable.

“Customers will seek an emotional connection to the products they purchase.  Whether for themselves or for others, Angel Whisperer will remain a sought-after brand offering customers feeling of hope, comfort and support.”