Newly-launched affordable fashion jewellery brand Ania Haie is on course to open with its first retailers partners next month (April).

Following a successful UK launch at Jewellery & Watch, and an international debut in Vicenza, the brand has hit the ground running and will soon land in stores throughout the UK and beyond.

Some of the first UK retailers to be stocking the brand include independent jewellers Mococo and Tom Foolery, multiple jewellery retailers Argento and TH Baker, and online hub Jewel Hut.


The brand has also secured fashion boutiques and lifestyle stores following its showcase at Pure London earlier this year.

“We have so many jewellery stores opening with us,” shares Ania Haie founder, Andy Maine. “We have lots of new accounts opening around the world every day, and we are just getting ready for JCK now.”

Retailers are praising the brand for its fast-fashion approach, whereby new collections will drop every single months – allowing stores to keep windows fresh and customers engaged.

On top of this, Ania Haie also has a strong marketing strategy, and will be supporting retail partners with striking PoS, regularly updated images, and an abundance of materials for social media.

“Jewellery retailers are competing against fashion stores such as H&M, which are constantly introducing new products and changing the fashion looks in store, so we are doing the same concept with jewellery,” shares Maine.

“My key thing is to try and drive sales and make sure we do lots of marketing and introduce promotions to really help retailers.”