Designers pieces worn on the red carpet at the Oscar’s ceremony.

Ethical jewellery designer Annaloucah has seen her certified Fairtrade Fairmined Ecological gold jewellery worn by Livia Firth at this year’s Oscars.

As part of Firth’s Green Carpet Challenge – where she will wear only ethical jewellery and upcycled or ‘sustainable’ gowns during the awards season – the jewellery was made especially for the moment, after months of Loucah and Firth working together, as detailed on Firth’s blog on the UK Vogue website.


The Juana ring and earrings are the first pieces of jewellery to be stamped as Fairtrade Fairmined Ecological and has been made from Oro Verde gold from Colombia – the world’s only source of Fairtrade Fairmined Ecological gold. The ring and earrings were set with 35cts of traceable Aquamarines from a community mine in Zambia and Jeweltree diamonds from the Liqhobong Women Miners Cooperative in Lesotho.

Fairtrade Fairmined Ecological gold means that the precious metal is mined with no harmful chemicals and under
strict environmental management. The miners also receive a 5% ecological premium on top of the standard 10%
Fairtrade Fairmined premium.

Livia Firth, speaking about the launch of Fairtrade Fairmined gold, said: "We associate gold with love and beauty but there is often nothing beautiful about the way that gold is produced. Tens of millions of small-scale gold miners risk their lives in often appalling conditions and get a raw deal for their strenuous efforts. There is a real need for consumers to demand higher standards when they purchase gold and they can do this by getting behind this new and important initiative."

Firth has detailed the design process of the Oscar’s jewellery on her Vogue blog, describing how Loucah had made her see jewellery in a whole new light. She described Loucah’s design skills as "incredible", adding: "She makes and designs each piece herself in her studio and to her provenance and the history of materials are everything … Anna has used Oro Verde gold from Colombia [to make the jewellery] the world’s only source of Fairtrade Fairmined Ecological gold. This would not have happened without Cred the Fairtrade jewellery makers who have brought it altogether."

Harriet Lamb, executive director of the Fairtrade Foundation, said: "Livia Firth’s decision to wear Fairtrade and Fairmined Ecological jewellery at this year’s Oscar’s is fantastic and a real statement that our shopping choices can make a profound difference to producers in developing countries. The reality of gold production is at odds with its beautiful, glamorous image but I think most people care about the conditions faced by miners. This is why Fairtrade and Fairmined gold has the potential to tackle unfair supply chains, improve working and environmental conditions and deliver tangible and sustainable economic benefits to impoverished communities. Now that is what I call a labour of love."