AnnaMaria Cammini's Spririt collection.

Florence’s flower-inspired jewellery designer broadens her horizons.

Florentine designer Annamaria Cammilli’s collections for 2010/11 move beyond the company’s traditional floral designs to draw inspiration from other treasures of nature.

Collections including Cocoon, Spirit, Lagoon, Ninphea and Twist feature the curves, folds and colours of water, countryside and rippling sand that link them to the natural world.


Entwined smooth threads or nests embrace stones such as amethyst, pink pearl, coloured quartz and diamonds lying like water drops on the satin finishes of the petals of a flower.

Broadening the brand allows women who want more than just floral jewels to embrace the Cammilli designs that include include pendants, earrings and rings.

Cammilli expresses her love of painting and sculpting in her jewellery, which she designs in a studio facing the smoothly shaped Tuscan hills surrounding her home city of Florence.