Annoushka Ducas will celebrate her 25th anniversary as an award-winning jewellery designer with the launch of a new ‘Milestones’ exhibition in June.

The event highlights the inspirational journey and seminal moments Ducas has experienced during her time as a designer.

Milestones will be staged at her Cadogan Gardens studio boutique and will feature 25 thematic installations arranged throughout the entire gallery.


While the number ‘25’ signifies the quarter of a century through which Ducas has worked at the top her field — first, launching Links of London in 1990 and then her eponymous brand in 2009 — the installation themes include the importance of family and heritage, eclecticism, amusement and collaboration.

Jewels by Ducas which evoke these concepts and ideas will be showcased alongside an array of meticulously selected items that also influenced their making. The objects range from priceless mementos to precious artefacts, ceramics, exotic market finds and the decidedly utilitarian yet indispensable tools involved in the production of fine jewellery.

Milestones will reveal personal and professional experiences that inspired Ducas to design fine jewellery and launch two brands. It will also tribute her craft.

Ducas has collaborated on Milestones with curator Anne Kernan.