Fine jewellery brand, Annoushka, has launched a range of colour changing chameleons.

Inspired by the original Chameleon collection first launched by Annoushka ten years ago, the new Chameleon line is reinvigorated with two new rings that are shaped likes the colour-changing create and wrap around the finger.

Each style comes with interchangeable precious stones allowing the wearer to change the main body of the chameleon to four different colourful shades depending on the mood or event.


The stones can easily be changed with a bob of the chameleon’s head.

The namesake brand founder, Annoushka Ducas, shares:When I first started Annoushka ten years ago, I had a demi-bespoke ring collection called ‘Chameleon’. You could choose the colour of gold, centre and pavé stones and we would make it for you.

“Ten years later, I have made three new versions of the ring, this time shaped like an actual chameleon that hugs the finger, with interchangeable stones that nestle in the body. These new rings are about coming back to my roots, to my love ​of nature, detail and play, and celebrating everything that we have achieved in terms of sophistication and signature in the last decade.”

The Chameleon Diamond Ring comes with a colour palate of tigers eye, black onyx, lapis lazuli and malachite, while he Chameleon Sapphire Ring is paired with smokey quartz, olive quartz, citrine and amethyst.