Spanish jewellery brand increases awareness with collaboration.

Jewellery brand Antonio Ben Chimol has launched a new collection in collaboration with German car company Audi, as the brand increases its growth across Europe.

Recognised for his interesting use of materials, Chimol has been creating jewellery for more than 15 years, pioneering the use of magnets to secure clasps.


Now he has created jewellery for Audi’s 2011 collection including leather and metal wrap bracelets in hues of purple and pink. The Audi collection has been entirely produced in Chimol’s workshop in Barcelona, using Italian leather.

“It’s been a very motivating challenge yet very demanding, maximizing the manual assembly of each piece without reducing quality of the product,” said Chimol, of the design collaboration.

The brand has been distributed in Germany since 2005 where it has had “incredible limitless growth”.

In the UK, Antionio Ben Chimol jewellery has grown to be sold through 130 jewellery retail outlets, including Argento, Green & Benz and Wave Jewellery.

“The brand is unique and the consumers get it,” said its UK distributor Ann Molari of AMA Agencies. “Retailers love the unique POS and it proves the power of the consumer as they have helped to develop the brand with fantastic sell-through so much so that we now have a UK warehouse supplying short orders from stock.”