Peter Boyle, chief executive officer, Argento Contemporary Jewellery

Following a £300,000 investment, Argento has opened the doors to its first store in Peterborough.

Located in the unit which used to be the businessess’ Pandora store in the city, Argento has opened a 750st ft stone on the ground floor of the Queensgate Shopping Centre.

With the new store opening Argento has created nine jobs in the city.


Argento store owner, Peter Boyle, told the Peterborough Telegraph: “We are delighted to have opened in Queensgate shopping centre where we have been able to create nine jobs.

“In 2017, we are planning on expanding into England and look forward to continuing to grow Argento within the UK.”

The Peterborough Argento branch will stock top fashion brands such as Nomination and Olivia Burton, alongside its own range of costumer and silver jewellery.