Will give greater customer outreach and insight into shopping habits.

Argos has today rolled out eReceipts across 750 UK and Ireland stores, giving customers the option of having their receipts emailed straight to them.

The launch of the eReceipts service follows a trial earlier this year, and is part of the multi-product retailer’s five-year plan to become a digital shopping leader.


This plan also includes the roll-out of new digital stores and other innovations such as Argos’ eBay partnership and Hub-and-Spoke distribution network.

According to Argos, its eReceipts allow customers to safely and easily store a permanent digital record of their purchases and warranties.

Argos adds that the tool will also enhance communication with its customers, providing them with more relevant offers in future, with emailed receipts sent by eReceipts currently achieving open rates in excess of 70%.

Argos marketing director Stephen Vowles said: “We are very excited about this initiative, especially as trials have been well received by colleagues and customers alike. Customers love it because they feel reassured that they have a record of purchases without cluttering up their wallets, and colleagues appreciate the benefits which enable them to provide an even more convenient service to customers.”

The real-time information provided by the eReceipts dashboards also helps Argos get insight into how customers shop. Andrew Carroll, chief executive officer of eReceipts software, said that no matter how large or small a business is or how advanced their POS system is, eReceipts allow retailers to better understand and engage with customers with minimal effort and complexity.