Argyle Pink Diamonds Tender arrives in London to mark Boodles partnership


Rio Tinto’s iconic Argyle Pink Diamonds Tender has arrived in London to mark the company’s brand new partnership with Boodles on Bond Street.

On Friday luxury British jeweller Boodles became the third Select Atelier of Argyle Pink Diamonds on London’s Bond Street joining iconic Indian designer Nirav Modi and Australian designer Calleija as an elite group of jewellers from around the world with access to a direct supply of Australia’s rare Argyle pink diamonds.

Celebrating the launch of the company’s new partnership with luxury Boodles, the 2016 Argyle Pink Diamonds Tender has come to London for the first time since HRH Queen Elizabeth’s Diamond Jubilee in 2012.

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The 2016 Argyle Pink Diamonds Tender showcases the rarest pink, red and violet diamonds in the world. All in all it comprises 57 pink diamonds, two violet diamonds and four red diamonds and weighs a total of 58.24 carats.

The Argyle Violet, a 2.83 oval shaped violet diamond, is the centrepiece of the 2016 Argyle Pink Diamonds Tender. It is the largest violet diamond ever recovered from the Argyle mine, the only source of hydrogen-rich violet diamonds in the world. Violet diamonds are extremely rare – with just 12 carats of polished diamonds coming from the Argyle mine and included in the iconic Tender over 32 years.

“Rio Tinto’s Argyle mine is the first and only ongoing source of rare pink, red and violet diamonds in the world, in history and we are delighted to host the Argyle Pink Diamonds Tender in London, where we have a long history in the rare gem collector and jewellery connoisseur markets,” shares Patrick Coppens general manager of sales for Rio Tinto’s diamonds business.

Following its London viewings, The Argyle Pink Diamonds Tender will return to Perth, with bids closing on October 12 2016.

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