Ari D Norman launches IJL design contest

Company seeks emerging talent to create whole jewellery collection.

Jewellery company Ari D Norman has launched a design contest called Looking Back to Step Forward, inviting young jewellery design talent to enter to win a chance to have a collection produced by the company.

The business says it hopes to "unleash the dormant energy of young designers" in a bid to support them and have their work both recognised and produced by a jewellery company.

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Ari D Norman, the company’s eponymous founder, said: "At Ari D Norman we strongly believe, not only commercially but creatively, that it is of paramount importance to nurture and mentor young talent and perspective and to support this philosophy we are launching the first annual Looking Back to Step Forward design competition."

Norman says the competition, while supporting emerging talent, will also gives the business some new energy and will help to revive Ari D Norman’s house brands.

Those interested in entering are asked to design a collection with a minimum of eight pieces that draws from the Ari D Norman’s design philosophy of family, adventure, tradition, art, life, Art Deco, Art Nouveau and Victoriana. These influences should be combined with a modern take on current fashion and creativity as seen through the entrants’ mind as the next generation of jewellery designers.

The collection can consist of either all jewellery, all gifts or a combination of both and designs must be authentic, new and original, not recycled or regurgitated.

Entrants must submit signed and dated designs and each entry must be accompanied by a description of the design and materials used. Submissions can fit one of two categories:

Ari Sterling Brand – Sterling silver jewellery and gifts for all, inspired by the trilogy of the Victorian, Art Nouveau and Art Deco eras.

JewelAri Brand – Bold costume jewellery and gifts evolving from the Ari Sterling brand with sparkling elegance and brilliant colours

The winning designers will be presented with a cash prize of £250 and a piece from the first production of each design selected. Further contractual design work with Ari D Norman will also be considered.

The designer will be promoted in all marketing regarding the winning collection and will achieve international exposure as the winning collection designs and designer will be showcased in September 2013 at both the IJL exhibition in London and the MACEF exhibition in Milan.

All applicants must over the age of 16 and can apply by emailing, or by posting their application to Ari D Norman’s address. The closing date for entries is August 16.

Designs will be judged based on how true to the Ari D. Norman philosophy they are, functionality in either look or purpose, saleability, commercially viability and innovative techniques, materials and perspective. The winner will be announced on our website on August 23 2013.



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