Art at Annoushka returns with Tools exhibition

Show celebrates artist Nathalie Hambro and her passion for hardware.

By Jessica Knowles

Jewellery brand Annoushka has launched its latest Art at Annoushka collaboration with a new exhibition at its Sloane Square store titled Tools.

The exhibition aims to showcase the spectrum of work and inspirations of artist Nathalie Hambro with whom Annoushka has created new, limited-edition jewellery.

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The show will run for six weeks having opened on June 4. Tools is inspired by Hambro’s “passion for hardware”. In her career to date she has worked with industrial components and builder’s implements to create sculptures, objet d’art, photography, videos and a limited edition artist’s book.

The principal material defining the Tools exhibition is steel, which Hambro has long worked with previously, primarily in the creation of a range of accessories.

Hambro’s career spans several design sectors including interiors, accessories, fashion and fine jewellery. Her designs also feature in the permanent collections of London’s V&A Museum and the Museum at FIT, the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York.

She is an art consultant for Phillips Auction House and works as an independent curator. Art Diary, is an online arts news digest which she founded and edits.

Tools is the fifth show in the ongoing Art at Annoushka exhibition series which is annually staged at Annoushka’s Cadogan Square flagship boutique.

Annoushka founder Annoushka Ducas established the Art at Annoushka exhibition series in 2011. The initiative aims to collaborate with a range of artists to push forward the display and design of fine jewellery so it "can be experienced in a whole new way".

Ducas said of her work with Hambro: “Nathalie’s work immediately resonated with me. Her fascination with metal is both similar yet totally different to mine. While hers is an obsession with an urban feel, my own aesthetic is much more femininely crafted. I am really excited about the meeting of the two and to have the opportunity of creating something truly original."

Mobiles, suspended at the front of the shop, will serve as a showcase for Hambro’s tool imagery. Affixed to hanging art works, which are constructed from narrow strips of perforated metal, is her Cyan Series— blue hued prints which are mounted upon squares of aluminium.

The boutique’s white glass rear wall will also take on a new dimension as a film screen to display a video and slide show Hambro produced about her book, Sin-Unseen. It features forty Polaroid images of abstract images of among other items: keys, chains, hands, ears, eyes, feet, mirrors, numbers and crosses.

Brushed stainless steel will replace the velvet lining Annoushka’s jewellery cases and this inspired the new Fringe bracelet created for the project. Annoushka and Hambro created the bracelet together by layering up an oval 18ct yellow gold bangle a tactile layer of oxidised silver chain mail.

Tools runs until July 13 at Cadogan Gardens in Sloane Square, London.



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