Bradford police urging families to store jewels in safes.

The rising number of Asian gold thefts in Bradford has led to local police setting up a special investigations unit in the city.

According to a report by the BBC, rising gold prices have continued to drive thefts of Asian gold – typically of 22ct or 24ct finesse – with six men arrested in Bradford in the past month, in connection with gold jewellery robberies.


The newly formed police team is being headed by Detective Chief Inspector Steve Thomas, who is urging families to put valuable jewellery or heirlooms in safes or safe storage.

He said that Bradford has experienced a trend in gold jewellery robberies, believed to be due to an increase in the value of gold. He added that the thefts have caused "some consternation" within the city’s communities as many families own fine gold jewellery, often heirloom pieces.

To combat the issue Bradford police has created a team of specialist officers who will “concentrate solely on investigating offences and acting on any information they receive”.

The police team will also be cracking down on "unscrupulous jewellers who are prepared to accept stolen items".

The unit will also be working closely with Bradford council to help ease any concerns among its Asian community relating to the spate of jewellery thefts.