Assay Office Birmingham has launched a video that follows its relocation to its new state premises on Moreton Street, in the heart of the Birmingham Jewellery Quarter.

The video, presented in both a 10 minute long version and shorter version, follows Assay Office Birmingham staff and its various services – including hallmarking, valuations and laboratory services – as they make their way to a larger and more suitable purpose built building at 1 Moreton Street.

With equipment lifted out by cranes and 136 years of heritage to sift through, saying goodbye to Newhall Street was both a moving and exciting experience for staff, who feature in the video talking about the experience of moving and their enthusiasm for their new headquarters.


The video shows how the move was one of great teamwork, resulting in a smooth and professional transition made after five years of planning and development at the Moreton Street site.

With staff members such an intrinsic part of the move, some of whom had served their apprentices at Newhall Street, it was an emotional journey that truly signified the beginning of a new era. With this, the video also documents the first items to be hallmarked at the new premises, with a rapturous cheer from staff there to witness it.

Today, Assay Office Birmingham is housed in a building that caters perfectly to its needs, with more room to create greater efficiencies and growth within the business. The Moreton Street building houses Assay Office Birmingham’s hallmarking facilities, as well as its AnchorCert Gemmological Laboratory, AnchorCert Analytical Laboratory testing, and its jewellery and watch valuation services.

The building also includes a heritage room for its large silverware collection and a purposebuilt library, large canteen and grand entrance hall, suited to events for those based in the Jewellery Quarter and beyond.

Speaking about the video, Chief executive officer and assay master Stella Layton comment: “Moving more than 130 years of heritage, paperwork, high technology equipment as well as customer product from one location to another is no mean feat. Doing this with a smile on your face and with no interruption to customer service levels, is out of this world.

“I knew that the capturing of this epic moment in the history of the Assay Office was important; however, not only from a heritage view point. I felt that it was critical that staff were able to relive the momentous achievement; we have so many plans and ambitions, and much hard work to do to achieve these goals. So, it is doubly important to celebrate our successes. Our relocation was most certainly a success.”

It seems Assay Office Birmingham staff have settled in nicely to their new office, as proven by the business’ 100 day of no moaning project, introduced when it moved. With pots dotted around the building on day one to collect 20p when anyone moaned about little snags or minor defects, so far Assay Office Birmingham has not collected a single penny!.

View the long version of the video here:

And view the shorter version here: