British jewellery brand Astley Clarke has reported a 367% increase in international revenue.

In a bid to bolster the international ecommerce experience and drive global growth, Astley Clarke has partnered with ecommerce solution provider, Global-e.

Just short of 18 months since the partnership began, international revenue have increased significantly and pushed the share of international sales from 15-20% to 25-40% each week.


Before partnering with Global-e, Astley Clarke suffered from typical ecommerce cross-border barriors such as high shipping rates, import duties and tax calculations, local returns, and difficulties supporting local currencies and payment methods which hampered conversion in territories further afield. In turn, Astley Clarke shoppers in the UK were three times more likely to convert than international shoppers.

To be competitive in international markets Astley Clarke needed to deliver a more engaging customer shopping experience that matched the high standard of treatment that UK customers received.

In particular, Astley Clarke wanted to offer international shoppers:

  • The ability to pay with their local currency
  • The ability to pay with different local alternative payment methods
  • The option to pre-pay all import taxes and duties
  • Free delivery for all international orders
  • Convenient domestic returns

By partnering with Global-e, Astley Clarke were able to offer this and more to their international customers, with outstanding results for the business.

“We wanted to partner with an ecommerce provider that had demonstrated results,” shares Astley Clarke chief executive officer, Scott Thomson. “After a smooth and guided implementation process this is just the beginning of a strategic partnership between Astley Clarke and Global-e which will see us moving ahead with our international goals as we transform shopping in local markets through investment in more efficient and engaging ecommerce experiences.”

Overall, Astley Clarke has now seen an increase in conversion rate from non-UK visitors by more than 160%.

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